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5 Digit Zip Functions

The "buttons" under "Function" correspond to the function's description. "Press" them using the mouse to select the function.
About a
Zip Code
This function displays all known information about the 5 digit zip Code the user will enter. Information returned includes City (and synonym Cities), State, County, Area Code, and Time Zone.

Special Note: If the user enters a zip code not currently defined by the USPS, the next higher zip code numerically will be returned.

The user is presented with a screen with five optional fields, each filled with "ALL". Known information should be entered, and "ALL" left in the fields which do not matter in the user's selection.
Between Zips
The user is asked to enter two valid zip codes. The function then returns the "great circle" distance between the two zip codes entered. The "great circle" distance is the "as the crow flies" distance. Driving distance will almost always be greater.
Find Zips
around a
The user enters a 5 digit zip code, and a radius in miles to define the search radius. A radius of no more than 75 miles is allowed by the function. The function returns all zip codes, and their city information, which fall within the entered radius of the entered zip code.

Note that this function is similar to the later defined functions for 3 digit zip codes, except this function uses all 5 digits of zip codes for a finer search, and more accurate distance calculated.

Find Zips
in an
Area Code
This function returns all zip codes and associated city information for a selected telephone area code.
Find Zips
in a State's
This function returns all zip codes, and associated city information, for a selected county within a selected state.
to Zip
If the user knows how to spell a city exactly, this function will return zip code, and other information about the City entered by the user. Optionally, a state code can be selected, and a narrower search will be performed. If a state code is not entered, "ALL" will return information for all cities in the file spelled exactly as entered.

Note that the exact spelling of the name is critical, and the user may wish to use the following function if no cities are returned spelled exactly as entered.

Part of
City Name
This function is similar to the previous function, except the user may enter only part of a city's name. For example, entering "armingto" (without the quotes) will find "Farmington" (and any other City containing the entered phrase).

If too wide a search string is entered, the user may be overwhelmed with output. To find "Farmington", a search string of "Farm" or "ton" will bring up a surprizing number of cities. A blank entry might try to return 80,000 Cities, so a degree of caution might be appropriate.

As with the previous function, a state code can be optionally entered, or "ALL" will return all Cities containing the entered phrase.

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