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Wish you didn't have to copy our queries to Excel? There is a better way!


Users gather significant amounts of data from our web-site with our blessings. We are happy to serve!

Many users have requested that we provide a way that the data collected be available in a more convenient form, and in a software system such that they can directly utilize the data without needing to re-input the data before use.

Other users have observed that our limited number of queries per day simply do not meet their needs.

Still others have requested that we allow state-wide, or even nation-wide inquiries. (our web-site limits access by area code, county, and/or 75 mile radii).

To meet these requests, BudJay.com is offering its newest product, JCSExcel. It allows nation-wide queries, unlimited radii, selection by complete state, etc. All the functions of the web-site now can function on your desktop, and internet access is not even necessary (Microsoft Excel 2000 or greater is required). JCSExcel puts its output directly into an Excel worksheet, so no further transcription in necessary for Excel folks.

30+ distinct functions can be executed. Data from both the JCSZip and JCSPhone databases are included. (separate developer subscriptions to each database total $548).

Click to see examples of the functions in our JCSExcel desktop product

Single Workstation Subcriptions to JCSExcel are available at 3 levels....

For those with very short term needs, a one month subscription (initial install only) is available for $59.

For those with short term needs, a three month subscription (initial install and two monthly updates) is available for $89.

For those with permanent, longer term needs, an annual subscription for $250/year is available. This option saves $106 over the price of 4 - 3 month subscriptions and includes the initial install and 11 monthly updates.

For your convenience, we have our own secure ordering server. (Note that the first page displayed is the product catalog. This page is not secured, but, at the bottom of the page, the "Add to Shopping Cart" button will enter the secure server to protect your information). Note that we do not any longer take credit cards but we do allow flexible delivery options for promised checks to order one of the three different JCSExcel products when they click to link to the JCS secure ordering server. If you link to the secure server, and experience any problems, please call 952-210-4234, collect. We want to be sure that you have ample opportunity to order.

For those needing quotes for installations on multiple workstations, the following summarizes the cost structure:

     Number of
  Subscriptions             Cost/year
            1               $250  ($250/install)
            2               $350  ($175/install)
           4-8              $500-900 ($125/install)
          12-23            $1000-1932 ($84/install)
          30-59            $2000-3953 ($67/install)
         80-139            $4000-6950 ($50/install)
         200-285            $7000-9975  ($35/install)
          500-749          $10000-14980  ($20/Install) 
          1000-1666          $15000-24990  ($15.00/install)
            10000             $25,000     ($2.50/install) 
    Company unlimited  - (Any number of copies) - Call for quote

The above Company Subscriptions are based on 12 month subscriptions (initial install plus 11 updates. Company will accept one copy from JCS and distribute to licensed workstations. Each site license requires contact with JCS (Bud Jay) at 952-210-4234 or budjay@jcsm.com prior to subscription finalization.

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