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NOTE: The JCSZip database, developer version, used in most functions in the site, is NOT included with the subscription to the JCSPhone database, and must be licensed separately.
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In April 2000, the JCSPhone database contains approximately 120,000 Area Code and Exchange records from the US and Canada. At the beginning of each month, the database is properly updated with any area code splits occuring that month, and a new version of the database is published. Each record contains sufficient information for full proximity calculations between Area Code/Exchanges, and allows integration of the phone numbering systems between the US and Canada.

The JCSPhone database is supplied as an ACCESS 97 database, and/or as a comma-delimited flat file. A new issue is available each month, and the database is available as an annual subscription only. At the end of the twelve months, the subscription must be renewed, or use discontinued.

The database has the following fields:

Area Code
Country (US and Canada)
Latitude (in both degrees and radians)
Longitude (in both degrees and radians)
Recent split from Area Code

When coupled with the JCSZip Database, available separately, the JCSPhone database provides significant power for the following:

Area code conversion details, with the ability to KNOW what zip codes are valid as they are near.

Dealer locators by either Zip code or Area code/Exchange.

Sources to determine what Overlay Area Codes / Exchanges are assigned, and where.

Much more power / flexibility for assigning territories by either zip code or area code / exchange.

We use, as a basis for our database, the Melissa Data's Software "fone*data" File. We have purchased a subscription to their service, and purchased the ability to remarket the data to our customers, after we have formatted the information, and added our value added fields.

Because the file on which we base our database is only available as an annual subscription, we offer the same to our customers. Just as our subscription with Melissa Data expires at the end of one year, and must be renewed at the then prevailing rates, our subscriptions with our customers will, too.

We receive updates from Melissa Data quarterly, and we research area code/exchange information each month, and we apply appropriate changes to our value added data. We publish an updated version of the JCSPhone database each month, on about the 5th of the month.

Our database is implemented as an ACCESS 97 database, and the logic to access the system, calculate distances, and display results are contained in the ACCESS 97 database, and/or in the ASP pages supporting our web site, www.jcsm.com. If the ACCESS 97 option is not desirable to the subscriber, the ACCESS 97 information can be exported to comma delimited files, and reimplemented by subscriber personnel. Probably most easily implemented would be those who use Visual Basic, or similar systems, and those who use Microsoft based server systems. Of note, we supply all logic in source code form, and the customer personnel will not find portions of logic hidden from them, such that they will be locked to Jay Computer Services if they should want to change to another data source in the future.

The cost of an annual subscription is $299, if coupled with a subscription to the JCSZip database, developer's version, or $399 if subscribed to separately from JCSZip.

A simple subscription agreement can be downloaded here.

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